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Subscribe and support us by becoming a Paemanu subscription member: 
Ohaurutia ki Paemanu is our subscription/membership offer. 

Paemanu(Paemanu Charitable Trust) pursue a vision to cultivate a vibrant Kāi Tahu visual culture for future generations by exploring Kāi Tahutaka through contemporary visual art.

It is important as a trust that we continue to create opportunities for Kāi tahu contemporary art practitioners, promote awareness of Kāi Tahu toi (art) events and exhibitions and maintain ways for our Kāi Tahu creatives to connect with each other.
In order for us to continue to strengthen and maintain this opportunity as a Trust we have set up
Ohaurutia ki Paemanu as a subscription and membership programme to help with costs associated with administration and maintaining a high quality and consistent offering. 

Our rōpū(group) has been involved in a range of projects including:
Paemanu: Nohoaka Toi at COCA in 2017, and
Paemanu: Tauraka Toi at Dunedin Public Art Gallery in 2021(Dec) - 2022(April).

In 2022 we established the Paemanu Art Collection, which we hope to grow over the years.

Paemanu are keen to strengthen our connections with Kāi Tahu artists, wherever they are in Aotearoa or te ao whanui. 


Ohaurutia ki Paemanu - member benefits 

For your subscription you will receive an invitation to Paemanu hui, to our AGM, and newsletters sharing Paemanu activities and opportunities.

Our events or wānaka include:

Kāi Tahu mātauraka, and moemoeā/visioning
our annual project cook up, where we conceive projects and
whānaukataka/ sharing experiences together.

(This may coincide with our AGM.)

There are opportunities to share news with the wider artist whānui through our on-line platforms.

Hui will be held annually on-line, or face to face where possible - pending funding (personal costs may apply for Travel and accommodation).

Annual subscription fee is $35.00 incl GST due August.

Subscription Ts and Cs
An annual subscription is due August each year this helps pay for our Paemanu website and social media editor, and importantly, keeping us connected.

“Subscribe & Renew” to refresh your subscription and contact details to indicate your desire to remain connected with Paemanu for another year. We will send a reminder email a month before this is due.


I’m a Ngāi Tahu artist so why do I need to subscribe annually to Paemanu?

Up till now your notification of Paemanu projects has been irregular. We haven’t always got resource

for an administrator to maintain contacts, people change email addresses, our projects often involve different people.

With membership we know each year you want to be involved, you will know you are in the loop,

you can say you are “an active member of Paemanu: Kāi Tahu Contemporary Arts”,

you will receive an annual invitation to wānaka with our amazing artist rōpū.​

I don’t wish to subscribe to Paemanu?

Kei te pai, you are still part of our creative whānau, we will respect your privacy and be in touch when

we can.

Not renewing your August subscription payment will automatically opt you out. 

Please note, your subscription does not mean automatic receive Paemanu support for your individual art projects or funding applications.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss the potential for our support such as a letter from the Trust.



Want to subscribe, please first send us your details
by filling in the below fields we will then email bank account details and enter you into our database. 

Thanks for submitting!

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